Some notes on the workouts posted on the web. At the masters level, workouts are 
very individual. With varrying abilities, interests, motivaitons, and goals masters
swimmers are among the hardest groups to coach.  Yet as a group they are the some
of the easiest swimmers to coach since they are all willing particiapants.

That being said there are hundereds of paths to the same goal, the workouts here 
are suggestions to help you findyour own individual path.  They are meant to be 
modified, sampled, improved, repeated, and enjoyed.

Happy Swimming!
Critically aclaimed workouts from Mountain View Masters
USMS workouts forum. Post and get workouts
Great Bay Masters Workouts (Dover NH Pool)

Here are some workouts that I dug up as well. They can be used by anyone with modification of the times and distances where needed. The workouts are all about 3000 yards. I hope they give you some good ideas.

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