Maine Masters All Time Top Ten

Swimmers included in the Top Ten were registered members of the Maine Masters Swim Club (MESC) at the 
time of the competition.  Since verification is difficult, times achieved in non-masters meets such as United States 
Swimming sanctioned meets will no longer be counted toward the Maine Masters Top Ten Times although there are
some past times listed.

The Recorder is responsible for updating the Top Ten list with times swum in meets in Maine and New Hampshire, 
as well as New England Championship meets and USMS National Championship meets.  Times achieved at any 
other Masters meets will be included in the Top Ten list provided that a copy of the official results is sent via e-mail  to the 
MESC Recorder Dale Syphers (dsyphers -at-
Lead-off relay splits achieved in Masters meets are accepted.  However, as individual times are not always included
 in the results provided to the Recorder, you may need to submit that information to the recorder via email.

Any additions or corrections submitted to the Recorder will appear in the next edition. 

The cut-off date for Short Course Yards and Short Course Yards Relays for the next edition of the Top Ten Times 
will be May 31.  The cut-off date for Short Course Meters, Short Course Meters Relays, Long Course Meters, 
and Long Course Meters Relays is December 31.
Short Course Yards - November 2019 update
Short Course Meters - November 2019 update
Long Course Meters - 2016 update

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