What's New!  2003 -2011

Updated 1-30-11
Added Bath, Waterville, and Husson Results
Updated Schedule

Updated 1/1/11
Added BU results link
Updated Schedule

Updated 11/20
Added Riverton Results
Updated Cookbook info

Updated 11/4
Added Maine Senior Games Results
Added Portland Swim Clinic Info

Updated 8-10
Added Maine Senior Games to schedule
Added new summer newsletter

Updated 8-4 or so
Updated results for Peaks to Portland and Nubble light
Added various race information to schedule
Added one hour swim results (better late than never)

Updated 6-14
Added Beach to Beach Swim to Schedule
Updated MDI workout group time

Updated 5-28
Updated Schedule
Added Black Fly Results
Added MESC at USMS results

Updated 4-19
Ok, I haven't been very good about keeping the What's new up to date
Added Rockland Breakwater entry
Added Remembering John White page
Updated schedule

Updated 2-22
Added Freeport Meet Results

Updated 2-2-10
Updated Schedule
Added Husson meet results

Updated 11-19
Added George Erswell Results
Added Riverton Results

Updated 11-1
Added October Newsletter

Updated 10-18
Added Bath Meet Form
Added Husson Meet Form

Updated 10-5
Added Portland Meet Entry Form
Added Maine Senior Games Results

Updated 9-27
Added Bowdion Entry Form
Cleaned up front page and added some group info

Updated 8-31
Added Breakwater Results
Updated Schedule

Updated 8-25
Added new Top 10 Files

Updated 7-30
Added Peaks Results
Updated Schedule
Added Echo Lake Info

Updated 7-14
Added Hobbes Pond Swim Info
Added new pool info for Belfast Y

Updated 6-30
Added Black Fly Results
Added Link to Middlebury Results

Updated 6-24
Added Beach to Beach info
Added some newsletters, including the current one

Updated 6-7
Added One hour results and Bowdoin results
Updated schedule

Updated 4-6
Added Bowdoin Entry form
Added some Harvard information
Updated Schedule

Updated 3-12 and 14
Added Elsworth Meet info
Added MESC Championships Result

Updated 2-18
Fixed problem with results link
Added Camden results

Updated 2-8
Added Cape and Husson Meet results
Added SCM Championship banner
Updated Schedule

Updated 1-25
Added Cape Meet Information
Added Waterville Results
Fixed Entry Forms for Freeport and Augusta

Updated 1-2
Added meeting minutes from Nov 1 board meeting
Updated a bunch of other stuff.

Updated 12-17
Updated Schedule

Updated 11-19
Added Portland Meet Results
Added Husson Entry Form

Updated 11-11
Added George Erswell Results
Updated BOD list

Updated 9-12
Added Maine Senior Games Results
Updated Merchandise page

Updated 9-1
Added Rockland Breakwater Swim Results
Updated the Schedule

Update 8-9
Added Hobbes Pond and Echo Lake Results

Updated 7-15
Added Hobbes pond and Echo Lake swim info

Updated 6-28
Added Middlebury Results
Added May Newsletter (a tad late)
Added Breakwater Entry Form
Added June Board Meeting Minutes

Update 6-17
Added Beach to Beach Info
Updated Meters Top Ten

Updated 5-16
Added Ellsworth Results
Added Maine Games Info

Updated 5-14
Updated Schedule
Put up some results (no Ellsworth yet)

Updated 3-15
Add Waterville Results
Added Maine Masters Champs Results

Updated 2-23
Added Pen-Bay and Exeter Results
Updated schedule
Updated NYC YMCA info
Added DEFY meet entry

Updated 12-28
Added a whole bunch of stuff to the schedule and results and newsletter and this covers other stuff I did a week or so ago...

Updated 11-23
Updated SCY Top Ten added

Updated 11-16
Added 2007 SCY Top Ten

Updated 11-12
Added George Erswell Results

Updated 10-28
Added November Newsletter

Updated 10-14
Updated Schedule
Added Colonies Long Course results
Other stuff, but I forgot what it was

Updated 9-9-07
Added Breakwater results
Added Echo Lake results
Added Colonies Zone SCY results

Updated 8-26
Added a whole bunch of results
Added September Newsletter
Did some other stuff

Updated 7-11
Updated Schedule and results

Updated 5-28
Added Elsworth Black Fly Results
Updated Schedule

Updated 5-16-07
Added Penn-Bay Results
Added new open water swim to schedule

Updated 5-12-07
Added One Hour Postal results for last 3 years (What a Lazy Webmaster )
Updated Schedule
Added May Newsletter
Updated Bangor Info
Fixed miss-speelings on the "What's New!" page

Updated 4-26-07
Added March Newsletter

Updated 4-18-07
Added Black Bear Results
Updated schedule

Updated 4-8-07
Added Ellsworth Meet entry
Added Maine Only New Englands results

Updated 3-27-07
Updated the schedule with BREAKWATER SWIM and other stuff
Added link to NE results

Updated 2-27-07
Added ribbon labels for Freeport meet
Updated Greely workout time
Updated the "What's New!" page

Updated 2-25-07
Added Waterville results
Added Freeport Results
Updated SCM top ten
Updated KVY workout times

Updated 2-19-07
Added January Board meeting minutes
Added January newsletter
Added Exeter results
Added Maine Senior Games 2006 results
Updated to 2007 results page
Added LCM and SCM top ten updates
Ran in circles, screamed and shouted

Updated 2-8-07
Added Black Bear Entry Form to schedule and some other stuff and whatnot...

Updated 1-29-07
Added Pen Bay Y entry form
Added link to NEM entry form

Updated 1-21-07
Updated schedule
Updated KVY and Wiscasset workout info

Updated 1-3-07
Added Bowdoin Distance festival information
Added Cape workout group information

Updated 12-29-06
Fixed a whole bunch of links on the site
Cleaned up the links page and top ten page
Simplified the newsletter pages (kind of)

Updated 12-28-06
Web site was put on a diet as we were close to quota. 
If you have trouble with something you could get to before, let me know.
Updated the schedule
Added meeting minutes from November meeting
Added NE SCM results link
Major clean up on pools and pool reps
Cleaned up some other stuff (try and find it :-)

Updated 12-5
Added Waterville information
Added Casco Bay Y meet information
Added Nov newsletter and more manageable version of September

Updated 11-28
Added Bath YMCA Results
Added September Newsletter (sorry its so huge!)
Updated MESC board member listing
Updated schedule

Updated 11-22
Added KVY meet results

Updated 11-20
Changed Greely Information
Added 2007 Entry Form

Updated 11-7
Added Erswell Results
Updated Schedule
Updated Bangor YMCA info

Updated 9-28
Updated schedule

Updated 9-7
Added Jenny Thompson, Echo Lake, and Rockland Results, and FINA Worlds Results
Updated Schedule
Added Workout group info for KVY

Updated 8-6
Added Peaks to Portland Results

Updated 7-11
Updated schedule with Bowdoin Swim clinic
Added 2006 Top Ten SCY update
Added link to Maine Games Results
Added Rockland Breakwater swim form

Updated 6-1
Cleaned up schedule
Added Ellsworth Results and some other results links
Updated Director of Meets information

Updated 5-22
Added Beach to Beach swim to site.

Updated 5-14
Updated Schedule
Updated Northern York County Y information

Updated 4-26
Added info about Greely workout group
Updated Schedule

Updated 3-22
Updated SCM / LCM Top Ten for 2006

Updated 3-18
Added Boothbay 2005 results

Updated 3-14
Added Bangor Meet results

Updated 3-13
Added current newsletter
Fixed some problems with the 2005 results

Updated 3-1
Added Casco Bay Results
Updated schedule
Updated the MESC info page

Updated 2-22
Added Camden Results
Added Exeter Results

Updated 2-8
Added Bowdion distance festival results
Updated Calendar

Updated 2-1
Updated Schedule (New Englands Info)
Added Waterville Results

Updated 12-29
Added January Newsletter

Updated 12-27
Updated schedule

Updated 12-14
Updated Bangor Y Meet form!
Added 2005 SCY Top Ten
Added 2006 registration form

Updated 11-30
Fixed typo in previous entry ;-)
Updated Schedule (added Freeport meet and NEM SCY dates)
Added November Newsletter
Fixed Mid-coast meet time

Updated 11-18
Added Bath meet results

Updated 10-24
Added Bowdoin meet results

Updates 10-12
Fixed Maine Senior Games Results
Added Bangor Meet and Entry Form
Added Entry Form for Mid-Coast Masters Meet
Added NEM SCM meet forms

Updates 9-28
Added Maine Senior Games Results

Updates 9-7
Added September Newsletter (sorry its so big!)
Added USMS Long Course Nationals MESC Results (nice job Bill and Mike)
Added GBM vs MESC challenge to the main page

Updates 8-24
Added Hobbes Pond Swim Story/Results (Thanks to Bill J!)

Updated 8-21
Tweaked Schedule
Added Peaks to Portland Results
Tweaked some things in the places to swim page
Added Bangor Y info to Main page
Added Meeting Minutes from June Board Meeting
Added a better copy of the Camden Results

Updated 8-11
Updated Schedule with Bowdoin meet and Bath Meet
Updated Bangor Y contact information and workout times

Updated 7-24
Updated Schedule
Updated Results

Updated 6-1
Updated schedule (waiting for NEM long course schedule still)

Updated 3-29
Added Camden meet results

Update 3-12 Major overhaul!
Updated officers info
Started history section and added Arnie Green's Obituary to section
Updated front page with more workout info
Meters Top Tens updated for 2005
Added March newsletter
Cleaned up sanction request form
Updated schedule

Update 2-10
Added Boothbay Meet
Updated Results Page and added Bowdion Distance Festival

Update 1-16
Updated schedule
Added January Newsletter

Update 12-20
Changed some pool listings
Added Arnie Green's Obituary
Wheaton Results
Maine Senior Games Results

Updated 11-11-04
Added Bath Meet results

Updated 11-11-04
Updated schedule
Added meet results from Bowdion and Portsmouth
Added Mid Coast meet entry form

Updated 10-25
Updated schedule
Added Nov newsletter
Added new registration form

Updated 9-26
Added USMS LCM Champs results
Added Sept Newsletter
Added April Meeting Minutes
Updated Schedule

Updated 8-8
Fixed problem with Top Ten Times. (sorry about that!)
Added Bath meet entry and info

Updated 8-5
Added 2004 update of SCY Top Ten Times!!
Jenny Thompson Pool Results
Peaks to Portland Results

Updated 6-27
Added George Erswell Registration Form
Added July Newsletter

Updated 6-5
Added Penn Bay Results
Updated Hobbes Pond Swim Info
Added Y-nationals and USMS results

Updated 4-28
Hey the newsletter is back!  Check out the current issue
(Big Thank you to Sean Carter!)

Updated 4-25
Updated Schedule with Pen Bay Meet Info
Added Ellsworth Meet results
Added 1hr swim results

Updated 3/30/04
Added Bangor Results and link to NEM Champs results
Added Meters Top Ten 2004 update
Fixed some links on the Top Ten Page
Added Peaks to Portland to Schedule

Updated 2/22/04
Added Ellsworth meet 4/17/04
Added Bowdoin Distance Festival Results

Updated 1/28/04
Added NEM Champs info link
Removed Fitness East as a pool

Updated 1/18/04
Schedule updated
Fixed problem with registration from (whew!)

Updated 1/10/04
Updated schedule (New England Masters Champs added)
Added Pen Bay YMCA note to pools info and front page

Updated 1/4/04
Updated Schedule
Added Bath Meet results

Updated 10/12/03
Updated Schedule
Posted George Erswell Meet Results
Posted August Meeting Minutes

Updated 9/14/03
Added Bath Registration Form
Posted Maine Senior Games Results
Updated Board Meeting minutes

Updated 8/17/03
Added George Erswell Registration Form and changed date

Updated 8/2/03
Added Jenny Thompson Pool Meet Results
Added Peaks to Portland Results

Updated 7/20/03
Added Bath YMCA Masters Swim Clinic to Schedule

Updated 7/9/03
Added Echo Lake Swim to Schedule
Added George Erswell Meet to Schedule
 Added Bath Meet to Schedule

Updated 6/22/03
Added National Senior Games Results
Added Hobbes Pond Swim to Schedule

Updated 6/1/03
Short Course Yards Top Ten Times Updated for 2003
Added May Board Meeting Minutes
Added Jenny Thompson Meet Info to Schedule

Updated 5/27/03
Added 2002 Maine Senior Games Results
Added MESC Swimmers at 2003 Masters Nationals
Updated Schedule